Earn an Advanced Massage Therapy Diploma in Calgary, AB

Learn the advanced skills you need to increase your chances of getting the best massage therapy jobs with the help of the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy. Since 2004, we have been a part of the fabric of the massage therapy industry in Calgary, AB, offering 2,200-hour advanced massage therapy programs that could help our students learn and apply the best practices in the industry.

Our weekend and weekday programs are made up of 2 eight-month school years and tuition is $9,900.00 per school year.  Upon completion you will have a Diploma in 2,200 Hour Advanced Massage Therapy.  And don't be fooled by the hours!  We teach you absolutely everything you need to register in Alberta and beyond!  While we still list our hours, the importance of the content is now based on the competency of recognized skills.  So while some schools may take longer to teach you what we do and others may charge you more, we won't waste your time or your money!

Our curriculum is designed to meet the requirements of all massage therapy associations in Alberta. Once you’ve finished our program, you can be confident that you have the skills and knowledge that the employers are looking for.

Aside from that, our programs are licensed by Alberta Advanced Education. Because of this, our students can qualify for student aid as long as they are eligible for it.

You can apply for Student Aid at the following Link:  https://studentaid.alberta.ca/  

Professional Institute of Massage Therapy

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Take a step toward becoming a skilled massage therapist by enrolling in our program. Each school year is 8 months long and the full program can be completed in 16 months. The tuition fee costs $9,900.00 per year. We have 3 convenient Week-day start dates in January, May, and September.  We also offer a Full-time Weekend Diploma-Program in February, June and October.

All Students will receive a FREE massage table, oil holster and bottle of massage oil.

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To get a better idea of how it would feel to study at our campus, pay us a visit. Our team will be more than willing to give you a tour of our massage therapy school.

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